• We deals with Safety Full Body Harnesses are available with Energy Absorbent Lanyards and can be used to distributing fall forces safely across a worker’s body in the event of a free fall, and second, providing freedom of movement sufficient to allow the worker to effectively perform his or her job.                                                ►Attachment Elements – 2 chest attachment, textile loops and a dorsal attachment, D-ring for fall arrest, 2 lateral D-rings for work.
  • We deals with a comprehensive range of Portable Electrode Drying Oven's have thermally insulated chamber and are designed to protect Electrodes from Atmospheric Moisture and preheat the Electrodes. These Portable Ovens are light in weight and easy to carry.
  • We provide the Cummins 62.5 KVA Gensets on hiring and monthly rental basis featured with Diesel Engine, STD Pannel, Alternators & Batteries, Noise free, Fuel Efficient, Eco-friendly with Environment.
  • We offer the most comparative range of rubber insulated flexible Copper Welding Cables are used to connect Welding Machines. They are Heat, Oil and Flame Retardant.
  • We deals with Round Slings available in two types such as Endless Polyster Round Slings and Round Slings with eye loops, having outer cover is a seamless polyester sleeve of double thickness with an excellent abrasion resistance. The core consists of a continuous hank of high tenacity polyester yarn which is strong and durable. Due to parallel fibres in the core, the stretch experienced with round sling is less than 3% at safe working load (SWL). ►Capacity: 1 to 100 Tons ►Safety Factor : 7:1 and 5:1
  • PP Rope Ladder

    Offering wide range of Rope Ladders capable for shipping and rescue industry.
  • We deals in "HYDROBEND" Hydraulic Hand Operated and Motorized Pipe Bending Machines, are versatile manually operated, designed for bending pipes, especially thick walled ones. It is provided with different pipe bending moulds or dies that work out for multiple dimensional curving requirements.
  • We provide the “ESCORTS TRX-2319” Pick-N-Carry Cranes on monthly rental basis on very reasonable hiring charges, for different Constructions & Infrastructure projects. Features:
    • Engine – VOLVO EICHER, Model E-683 TCI Turbo Charged Water Cooled Diesel Engine.
    • Rated Power - 137 hp @ 2200 RPM
    • Boom - 4 Parts Boom, 3 Part Hydraulically Powered & Fully synchronized.
    • Fuel Tank - 200 Ltrs.
    • Capacity - 23 Ton
  • We deals with Tapered Roller Bearing featured with a cup and cone assembly. The cup is comprised of the outer ring and the cone assembly consists of inner ring, rollers, and cage. These Tapered Roller bearings are typically used in bearing solutions where there is a need to increase performance, reduce friction or increase power density in applications. Pairs of tapered roller bearings are used in Car and Vehicle wheel bearings where they must cope simultaneously with large vertical (radial) and horizontal (axial) forces. Tapered roller bearings are commonly used for moderate speed, heavy duty applications where durability is required.
  • We deals with Hand Operated Pulling & Lifting Machines, are Portable, Gearless, Multipurpose, supply complete with telescopic, operating handle. ►Capacity - Lifting Capacity from 0.75 Ton to 5.0 Ton.
  • Cutting Nozzle

    We deals in most comprehensive range of cutting nozzles. Cutting Nozzles are the metallic device used in the Cutting Torch. Its primary and core function is to preheat the metal to be cut to its ignition or melting point. Also it provides a stream of oxygen gas to react with the metal being cut and consequently blows away the slag. It is the device at the piping tip of commonly used oxy-acetylene flame used for cutting steel, the small metallic part that dispenses the flame.
  • GI & MS Pipes

    We are the prominent supplier of GI & MS Pipes made up of Galvanized Iron & Mild Steel material are fulfill the various sector requirements like Irrigation, Engineering, Oil & Gas etc.